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Pencils In The Hand Of God

Part of the work within this "Walking with Families in Need" initiative is obvious. We're providing essential material support to people in need. And if that was all it was about, that would probably be enough. It's certainly well beyond simply thinking about doing something.

The people who received those very warm gloves donated by a generous person will be grateful, as will those who were given warm clothing to help offset the winter chill.

The food that goes into take home lunches for students and is given away at food pantries is appreciated as are all the clothes and blankets dropped off at area pregnancy support centers.

But there is much more going on here. It takes looking a little closer at what is happening. As this student-led group goes about it's mission, the Pewamo Protect Life team is widening it's reach. People from the area are joining in to help.

The donations are coming from many different places, all of which will be given out to the organizations we work with on a regular basis. Again, we're filling the essential needs part of this work.

Within the Protect Life team, we see ourselves as being pencils in the Hand of God who is sending out His message of love and care. As the reach grows, that same message is shared by more and more people. Those who receive the material support also receive a feeling that someone does care about them.

In our own way, joined by all the people in the area who have jumped in with us, we are bringing Jesus to as many people as we can reach. We don't rely on sermons or synods. We rely on getting in there and doing the work.

We do it because we are serving as God's Hands and Feet on earth. This group of young people from ages 12 to 23 are determined to do all they can to be that pencil in the Hand of God. All praise and gratitude goes to Him as we go about this work.

"Come and see what God has done." Join us and be part of "the story of amazing love."

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