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Understanding "My Body-My Choice"

When pro-life people try to respond to the "My Body-My Choice" argument we often miss the mark.  Sometimes we ask them about the child?  "What about the other body?  They don't get a choice to live!"


The problem with that response is that the "humanness" of the child is rarely debated anymore.  That old argument is dead because the science is clear. 

When pro-abortion people use "My Body-My Choice" they are stating that anything involving their own body is their choice.  This is called "The Sovereign Zone View."  

In this short video Emily addresses this topic.  She also points out some things that could be labeled as "extreme", but please follow the whole video.  You'll see that what we warned about in Prop 3 in the last election in Michigan is coming true now.  

Dispensing abortion pills without a doctor involved, deregulating safety standards for abortion facilities, cutting parents out of the decisions of their minor children.


Follow the money to find the truth.

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