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Softer Words To Lessen The Impact

Sometimes the words are changed to soften the impact. If the human element is removed, it seems more antiseptic, more "clinical." Medical abortions involve a series of drugs. The clinical term often used is "uterus evacuation." This eliminates any human connection. From the pro-life side the same procedure is known as terminating the life of a child. Even though that child is still in the body of his or her mother. Surgical abortions are also used for a second trimester abortion. Although there is a movement now to refer to this as an "abortion procedure." Using the word "surgical" can infer risk. Risk is bad for business. Following this page, we've posted an animated video that illustrates the very straight-forward description you will read in the next paragraph. I caution you that even in animated form, the video is eye-opening. According to an article from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, "After achieving adequate dilation and administering analgesia and sedation or anesthesia, D&E is accomplished by aspirating the amniotic fluid and removing the fetus with forceps through the cervix and vaginal canal. Usually disarticulation (or dismemberment) occurs as the physician delivers the fetal part grasped in the instrument and pulls it through the cervix. A final suction curettage is often performed to ensure that the uterus is completely evacuated. Intact D&E is a variation of D&E that requires more advanced cervical dilation, usually achieved over several days. The procedure involves the removal of the intact fetus except for possible decompression of the calvaria... The intact D&E procedure is preferable in certain cases, such as when preservation of fetal anatomy is desired." Words That Make It Seem ...Not So Bad "Uterus Evacuation"= This means the child is removed from the child's mother. Sometimes in pieces. "Calvaria"= This is the child's skull. "Decompression" means that skull might have to be crushed by a specific tool designed to break and tear away body parts. As we learn from the next video, the surgeon knows he did this part correctly when white fluid oozes out. This is the child's brain. "Fetal demise"= A dead baby. Do those clinical words make you feel better? Or are you ready now to be that voice for the pre-born?

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