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"No Uterus?"  No Opinion!"

In this installment, we'll go over an argument I've gotten and many other guys who stand for life at all levels have faced if they have been in the pro life movement for any time at all. "No uterus. No opinion." Those who use this retort are right on one count. I will never know what it's like to be pregnant. But if we believe that the unborn have the same equal rights as anyone already born, then we cannot remain silent when we see something that is clearly wrong. This isn't just an abortion stance. Anywhere in our lives if we see things that are wrong and just remain silent or walk in the other direction, we are almost as guilty as those who commit the wrong actions. ​In this very short video Emily explains how to answer this tough question. This is the answer we teach to our own team members. We teach it because it is true and should be easy to understand. We also teach our team that we don't want to be the group that sees injustice and runs home to pray, "Please God, send someone to help that poor person." Because we know He already did. And we went the other way. Our team runs toward the problems.

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