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Leveling The Playing Field

Let's follow up on the video in the page just above this post. Emily Albrecht gave us great information about pregnancy centers and how they provide services for families far beyond the birth of their children. That effort to care for families after birth is a common distraction argument used by the abortion industry voices and parroted by people who don’t know the truth or don’t want to acknowledge that truth. “You pro-lifers are only concerned about babies before they are born.” That isn’t true, but even if it was there is an important point to made here. No one tells organizations that work tirelessly to raise funds to find a cure for cancer that they should also be raising money for Alzheimer’s disease research. No one protests outside soup kitchens, proclaiming that volunteers should also work to provide better medical care for people in need. Our own Protect Life team is built to support families before and after birth. Part of our strategy is because of the wide age range of our team. Part of it is to light a fire in the area to encourage material support to pregnancy centers and organizations that support people who need help. We also teach how to provide the truth about what is really going on in the abortion industry and how to offer compassionate support. We’ve made this choice because it is the best way for us to defend life. All life. There are very good organizations that specialize in teaching the best ways to communicate facts. There are also very good groups who specialize in counseling post-abortive people who are struggling with the pain of a past abortion. There are also doctors who specialize in finding cures for disease. No one shouts that they only care about research and need to be out in the field actually caring for disease-stricken people. There are terrific groups who specialize in raising funds for worthy causes. No one accuses them of ignoring the needs of the actual people. The playing field isn’t level. In the 20’s and 30’s there was a eugenics movement led by elitists who sought to dictate who should be worthy of having children and which children should be eliminated. That all centered around two things. Money and power. It hasn’t changed. The playing field isn’t level now because the same is still true. No one denies that the unborn are human. But many have decided they might not be convenient or necessary. It is a sorrowful fact that it is easier to change the narrative in their own minds to rationalize the truth they know deep down. They are ending the lives of innocent living humans. But abortion is big business. Money and power.

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