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Your Impact

We've titled this page "Your Impact" because the success of this team is all about the collaboration between the leadership of our group and the enthusiasm and passion of the area residents.


What started with a list of ideas on a white board has grown into a remarkable story of achievement.  That original list was compiled by our founding members who immediately went to work to get their message of what being pro life is all about out to the people.

That message has been received and acted upon with resounding success.  In this page we'll present some of those success stories that came from the ideas on that first white board.

When Preparation Meets Opportunity

We began with a plan in place to be ready to help people when they needed the help.  While we have had to overcome some challenges that historically crop up when position and money become more important than standing in the gaps for the people who cannot help themselves, our young team has gone around the roadblocks to stay on task.

Just below is a letter from a family we were able to help exactly when they needed the help.  Pro life means all life.  When preparation meets opportunity, good things happen.  


To complete this circle, the family who sent this letter has now provided us with some very nice gently used items we will distribute to our other organizational partners who also stand and work for all life.

"I'm so sorry this is embarrassingly overdue.  Regardless, it does not minimize the impact that you and Pewamo Protect Life have made on our family.  Finding out about our daughter's unplanned pregnancy was absolutely devastating at the time, especially considering the circumstances surrounding it.

We have always been strong in our pro-life beliefs, but we just could not fathom what that looked like when we were faced with it.  We were heartbroken, and spent the first month literally trying to just breathe.  It was very painful and confusing having some of the well-meaning people who loved us dearly give their advice on different ways they thought we should be handling it and how we should encourage our daughter to handle it.

It is so easy to take a stance and tell people what is right and what they should do, but much more challenging when you have to actually face it.  Thankfully our daughter never wavered on what was the right choice.  She (we) has been surrounded with such great support.  We are overwhelmed by your generosity and the way you encouraged and supported us.

It's one thing to tell these young girls who are terrified that they should choose life, but it's totally different when you come along beside them to help and support them and be the Hands and Feet of Jesus.

We are beyond grateful for what you do and for the way you've blessed our family! Just for an update, we have the sweetest little grandson that we could not imagine life without and his mama is doing great and takes wonderful care of him.  God makes beauty from ashes."

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."  Margaret Mead

image000000 (1).jpg

A Very Successful Bake "Sale"

Because of the generosity of the people of Pewamo and the baking skills of our team and friends, we were able to raise a significant amount of funds which allowed us to immediately help people who needed assistance.

Building A Team Of  Leaders

When we surround ourselves with creative people, great ideas come forward.  One of our advisors led us to an opportunity to fill an important need.

She lined up an opportunity for our team and many others to pick as many apples as we could in one day to be given to some of our organizations that feed people who face food shortages. 

White Structure
truck apples.jpg
erin apples.jpg

Some Results From That Idea

Out of that day of apple picking we have been able to supply nearly 100 bushels of apples to two of our organizational partners.  

So far!  There will be more arriving!

Supporting Life At Every Stage

We provide material support across the board.  We have four pregnancy centers that receive clothing, diapers, personal care and other essential items.  

With the active support of the area residents, we are able to make regular deliveries to these organizations to help them fulfill their missions.

Pro Life Is All Life

Whether it's providing food for take home meals, or personal care items and warm clothes for people facing housing challenges, our role in the pro life world includes working to support all life. 

The people in the area have been so generous in supporting this important work.

Out Of A Simple Idea

One of those original ideas was to make blankets for area NICU hospital floors.  They were such a hit that over 100 blankets have been made and distributed to hospitals.


Wisdom Of Our Elders

Our team makes regular visits to an area adult care center.  We get as much out of these bingo days, or cookie-making sessions as the residents do.  

Expanding To The Area

Part of our plan was to expand the work to the area.  

The students and staff at Fowler Most Holy Trinity School really stepped up to help launch "Walking with Families in Need." 

And some students at PW high school along with staff from Westphalia St. Mary added another large donation.  

We're looking at mid-Michigan as the area that acts solidly in support of all life.

These are just examples of the donations from MHT and St. Mary.  They donated over a truck load of essential items.

We couldn't have had the success of the "Walking with Families in Need" initiative without the tremendous help from the area.  We appreciate all of you.

Our team is dedicated to building on this success to provide material and inspirational support to all of the organizations we work with, and we welcome all to join us.

Based in the Pewamo and Westphalia Area Of Michigan

Providing servant leadership from Lansing to Grand Rapids MI


616 308-3282



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