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Your Impact

We've titled this page "Your Impact" because the success of this team is all about the collaboration between the leadership of our group and the enthusiasm and passion of the area residents.


What started with a list of ideas on a white board has grown into a remarkable story of achievement.  That original list was compiled by our founding members who immediately went to work to get their message of what being pro life is all about out to the people.

That message has been received and acted upon with resounding success.  In this page we'll present some of those success stories that came from the ideas on that first white board.

An Important Testimonial From A Pro Life Leader

One of our three pillars is share truth.  In the letter below you will read some straight-up truth.  Our team has faced the cancel culture as have many others trying to do good things.  But we press on. 

"I am the Director of The Garden Of Hope Ministry in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’ve been involved in the Pro-life movement for 30+ years. Our ministry is located just feet from the largest abortion clinic in West Michigan: The Heritage Clinic for Women on Fulton Street in G.R. Our ministry focus is intervening on behalf of the mother and baby at the clinic doors. If the reason for a woman’s abortion is financial desperation, we help in many ways. We may purchase a vehicle, pay her rent for several months, purchase everything needed for the baby, pay back utility bills, buy groceries: basically walk beside her and meet her immediate needs. We also do other things: Post-abortive Healing studies and retreats; host small groups and Youth groups for the purpose of educating on the subject of abortion; offer training for those that hope to also speak with women as they enter the clinic, i.e. Sidewalk Counselors; and be a liaison between the church community and the women we serve. Within the past few months we had the great opportunity to meet with some amazing young people from Pewamo MI. They first took the time to travel to Grand Rapids and learn about the abortion industry here. They were thoughtful listeners and extremely engaged. We stayed in contact with each other and they invited me to a memorial service for the unborn that they presented at their church. It was a beautiful and moving presentation that left me a bit in awe! Then further, they generously gifted our ministry with some meaningful gifts that we could use in our out-reach to women. It rang true in my heart that one of the greatest responsibilities in this day and age…is to instill in our young people demonstrable compassion for women in crisis pregnancies. For their entire lives, abortion has been “normal”, the law of the land. Tragically, many adults, church-going people and pastors, literally do not seem to care anymore. Hundreds of churches and pastors in the Grand Rapids area conspicuously absent from the “abortion target zone” in the heart of our city. The only thing I can imagine is keeping them away is fear, on many levels. Such a tragedy. It goes without saying that our youth will soon be the only ones left to care deeply about the unborn and their hideous plight. Thousands and thousands of babies are killed just in the city of Grand Rapids each year. As I look back on the exceptional students from the Pewamo Protect Life team, I am encouraged and blessed. I applaud the adult leadership that has installed in this fine group of young people the compassion and courage it takes to stand for life. Fiercely they embrace each unborn life with a strong conviction to rescue, and an unassailable determination that though others have quit the fight, they will stand strong in The Lord. God bless them!" Mary Verwys Director of Garden of Hope Ministry

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."  Margaret Mead

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A Very Successful Bake "Sale"

Because of the generosity of the people of Pewamo and the baking skills of our team and friends, we were able to raise a significant amount of funds which allowed us to immediately help people who needed assistance.

Building A Team Of  Leaders

When we surround ourselves with creative people, great ideas come forward.  One of our advisors led us to an opportunity to fill an important need.

She lined up an opportunity for our team and many others to pick as many apples as we could in one day to be given to some of our organizations that feed people who face food shortages. 

White Structure
truck apples.jpg
erin apples.jpg

Some Results From That Idea

Out of that day of apple picking we have been able to supply nearly 100 bushels of apples to two of our organizational partners.  

So far!  There will be more arriving!

Supporting Life At Every Stage

We provide material support across the board.  We have four pregnancy centers that receive clothing, diapers, personal care and other essential items.  

With the active support of the area residents, we are able to make regular deliveries to these organizations to help them fulfill their missions.

Pro Life Is All Life

Whether it's providing food for take home meals, or personal care items and warm clothes for people facing housing challenges, our role in the pro life world includes working to support all life. 

The people in the area have been so generous in supporting this important work.

Out Of A Simple Idea

One of those original ideas was to make blankets for area NICU hospital floors.  They were such a hit that over 100 blankets have been made and distributed to hospitals.


Wisdom Of Our Elders

Our team makes regular visits to an area adult care center.  We get as much out of these bingo days, or cookie-making sessions as the residents do.  

Expanding To The Area

Part of our plan was to expand the work to the area.  

The students and staff at Fowler Most Holy Trinity School really stepped up to help launch "Walking with Families in Need." 

And some students at PW high school along with staff from Westphalia St. Mary added another large donation.  

We're looking at mid-Michigan as the area that acts solidly in support of all life.

These are just examples of the donations from MHT and St. Mary.  They donated over a truck load of essential items.

We couldn't have had the success of the "Walking with Families in Need" initiative without the tremendous help from the area.  We appreciate all of you.

Our team is dedicated to building on this success to provide material and inspirational support to all of the organizations we work with, and we welcome all to join us.

Based in the Pewamo and Westphalia Area Of Michigan

Providing servant leadership from Lansing to Grand Rapids MI


616 308-3282



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