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Our student-led team is open to anyone from 5th grade through college years.  We actively support life at all levels in a variety of projects from womb to tomb.  

Our team leads collection drives for our organizational partners, makes blankets for area hospital NICU floors, supplies for Rachel's Vineyard, visits adult foster care homes, and energizes the area to get involved with our work.

If you are older than our group and would like to volunteer to help us, you are most welcome.  Maybe you can sew and would like to help us make blankets and hats for newborn children?  Maybe you'd like to prepare part of a meal for the staff and patients in the NICU ward as we host a lunch for them?

There is plenty of work to do and the more hands we have helping, the more effective we can be serving as God's Hands and Feet on earth.

Use one of the contact methods at the end of this page to get involved.  Thank you in advance.

Is your passion to support women and families in crisis pregnancy situations?


That is part of our mission with the Pewamo Protect Life team.  You can put that passion to work right now.  We have three organizational partners who are tireless in supporting families in need.

Are you called to help feed the hungry and provide essential items to those with no save place to live?  We stand for all life, so that is also part of our mission.  Click this page to see the three entities we assist so you can help right away.  

Join our BOGO club to take adavantage of store opportunities to pick up things to fill our list in our "Walking with Families in Need" initiative.  


Contact Erin Kowatch who leads this program for our team.  We can arrange to pick up your donations and we will make sure they get to the right spots.

Maybe you would like to donate some fleece material?  Our student-led team makes baby blankets that have been donated to hospital NICU floors around Michigan and to pregnancy support centers in our state.


There is a place for anyone who wants to make a difference.  Contact us using the information at the end of this page to get involved.

Maybe you don't have time to shop for donations?  No problem.  We can do the shopping for you.

Our bargain shoppers know how to make every dollar count.  Every dollar that is donated to our fund is used to support our organizational partners.

We have an account set up for donations.  Contact Erin Kowatch for details.  She heads up our shopping team and has found some incredible deals that have made the most of the available funds.  

Erin's email is  Or text her at (517) 749-1559.

Based in the Pewamo and Westphalia area of Michigan

Providing servant leadership from Lansing to Grand Rapids MI


517 749-1559 (text)



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