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Leading By Example

One of our founding team members has moved on from high school into college and also into the work force to help pay for those college expenses. This guy was there from day one and has always been one of our best leaders.


We start younger people in our group because there is no question that when they move on from the small town lifestyle and into a bigger setting, they will witness new things. They will join the target audience that is squarely in the cross-hairs of the abortion industry. They will also meet some people who are angry at life and find consolation from their troubles by bringing down any good work and any people who do that work. So we want them prepared early to handle these challenges.


This guy found himself on a work crew that had some co-workers who were trying their best to bring him down, to rattle him, to get him questioning his home-grown values. One way was to question if he was "pro-life" and when told, yes he was pro-life, they followed up with, "So what have you done recently to help families?"


He was ready for that one and all of their veiled and not-so-veiled slams at his character. After two years in the tough places that are avoided by those who profess to be pro-life, but only if it isn't inconvenient or doesn't cost anything, he could calmly, humbly, tell them exactly what he had done recently to help families.


After leading multiple events to collect vitally needed items for pregnancy support centers, for hungry school children, and for young people with no place to live while trying to survive in dangerous cities, he could give an honest accounting of what he has done to help.


He knows the truth about what really goes on in abortion facilities around the nation. He won't be swayed by the misleading statements of the entities that profit from abortion. He will instead be part of the worst nightmare for those entities of death.


He will be an informed, courageous champion for all life and an example of the leadership skills of young people.


Age is no calculation of leadership ability.

Ralph Willemin

Advisor to the Pewamo Protect Life Team

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