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Listen First

"Seek first to understand, then to be understood." These words from Stephen Covey are absolute guidelines in the pro life movement. Unfortunately, they aren't always followed. It's easy to cling to our own beliefs while discounting an opposing viewpoint.

Within the Pewamo Protect Life team, seeking first to understand and then to be understood is one of the cornerstones of our structure and actions. We stand firm in the truth that all lives have value and that the most vulnerable in our society from the yet unborn to very old must be defended with all our energy. But we listen first.

While we were at the March for Life last week, we had the opportunity to see a short movie screening from Abby Johnson's group, "And Then There Were None." If you've seen the movie "Unplanned" you'll know about Abby Johnson. If you haven't, she is a former director of a very profitable Planned Parenthood facility who left that industry when she came to the full realization that it was human lives that were being ended in that facility during regular business hours.

Now she helps people like her who have left the abortion industry to find healing and support. We will be showing that video in Pewamo when it is released to the public. There will be no charge to see it.

Whether you consider yourself to be part of the pro life movement or not, I encourage you to join us for this event. You will come away with a new perspective and probably will be encouraged to reach out to more people in need of a listening ear and some understanding.

We will post the time and place as soon as details are firmed up.

Ralph Willemin

Advisor to the Pewamo Protect Life team

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