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The Joy Of The Experiment

Being involved in the pro life movement, I mean really being active and fully involved, is a roller coaster of emotions. We experience the exhilaration of a child saved from death in an abortion facility, we witness the joy of a family when we are able to help them past a difficult time in their lives.

We are able to see the excitement and the determination in the eyes of the young leaders on our Pewamo Protect Life team as they press on with new ideas and fresh innovations.

But along the way we experience suffering too. We know a young person will go into that abortion facility and will end the life of her child. We see the suffering of people who are in dire need and we know we can't help all of them.

We see roadblocks placed in our path from places that should be fully supporting us or at least not hurting our important work. We know there is history of such actions in causes as important as ours, and in many cases much more important. So we know what to expect. Any time a person or group sets out to do good, there will be those who seek to block them. Fear, apathy, jealousy, are all contributors to the obstacles we need to go around, over or through as we serve as God's Hands and Feet on earth.

So we accept the suffering, but we don't dwell on it. Life is about joy and hope. Life is about seeing the good and spreading the good to those in need. All are welcome to join our team as we perform this experiment. We know the result. Think about this quote.

“This is not an idea or an ideology or an ideal; it is a verifiable fact. God proposes a scientific experiment in the laboratory of your life. Perform the experiment and you will get the result.

Do you want happiness? Make others happy. Do you want joy? Give joy. Do you want to find love? Give love. Do you want a whole heart? Give your heart away.

Oh, by the way, if you do that you will also suffer. The more you give your heart away, the more it will be broken. If you don’t love others, their sufferings can’t make you suffer…So what? Life’s purpose is not to avoid suffering.

Joy and suffering are both part of the deal, the package deal that we got when we were born into this world. The only way to avoid suffering is never to give your heart to anyone or anything…Loveless hearts are unbreakable.

But that’s not heaven; that’s hell. Our hearts are made to be broken, made to be given away and broken…The only two places there are no broken hearts are in heaven and hell: in heaven because all the healing is finished, and in hell because all the giving is finished.

No one knows whether there is physical fire in hell or not, but we know one thing for sure: there is no love there. No one knows what physical joys are in heaven, but we know one thing for sure: it is full of love because it is full of God.” Dr. Peter Kreeft

Ralph Willemin

Advisor to the Pewamo Protect Life Team

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