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This Is The Way It Is

It’s important to recognize when “this is the way it is.” It’s important to sort through the massive information flow that we are all inundated with daily to sort out the fact from fiction.

The talk from state government is about strengthening the family unit. The logic is that strong families lead to strong communities. Strong communities lead to safe neighborhoods and thriving local economies. All of that talk is accurate. It’s timely. This is the way it is.

The talk from state government is about better early childcare. It’s about more available prenatal care, especially among lower income parents. The talk is about more resources to help young families so they don’t have to make a choice between necessary items or paying the electric bill. All of that talk is accurate. It’s timely. This is the way it is.

The problem is the lack of consistency in messaging. The talking heads in state offices speak of the things in the previous paragraphs, but only if it fits their narrow agenda. This is the way it is.

At any time from either political party we will witness half truths, out-of-context criticisms, and outright lies. In an election cycle all of that goes up by orders of magnitude. Power and influence equals cash flow. This is the way it is.

A Look Back To The Past Year

This past year the following things changed in Michigan.

*They repealed abortion clinic health and safety licensing regulations.

*They repealed the abortion reporting law including reports of complications from abortions.

*They repealed the abortion insurance opt-out law.

*They removed restrictions preventing college pregnancy centers from referring for abortion.

What the majority government wanted and the abortion industry that pays so much to these elected officials sought was even more control. They wanted to eliminate informed consent for abortion in Michigan. They wanted to eliminate the requirement to provide women detailed information about the abortion procedure. They wanted to eliminate the requirement that a doctor perform an abortion and they really want to cut the parents out of the decision-making process for their minor children.

How do they justify eliminating parental rights regarding minor children? Weren’t they all about strengthening the family unit? They don’t have to justify it. Half truths, out of context criticisms, and outright lies will suffice to confuse enough people to get their deeds done. It has worked in the past. Some humans were considered to be only property and female humans were not allowed to vote. Those were the laws at that time.

When funding was proposed for all pregnancy centers, the sitting government blocked it because they only want tax dollars going to centers that promote abortion. That is what they were paid to do.

And who suffers? The same lower income folks who were told they would be helped so they didn’t have to choose between electricity and essentials for their child.

Is There Really A “Choice” In The Pro-Choice Argument?

A prominent civil right activist stated that the “pro-choice” movement offered no choices. Their full agenda was the same as it is now. Abortion. Anytime, anywhere. This is how it is.

As you read a few paragraphs back, they don’t have to report anything, they don’t have any health requirements, and they hope to eliminate any of that meddlesome parental interference in the money machine. Here is a quote from a former abortion shop owner.

“Abortion is a skillfully marketed product that is advertised and sold for profit. In our clinics, there was no such thing as ‘choice.’ We even hired professional telemarketers to train our people to sell abortions over the phone. Lies, manipulation, and pressure were all parts of the sales technique. Our number one priority was to get that woman to the clinic, get her money, and process her as quickly as possible to make room for the next customer.” Follow the money to find the truth. This is how it is.

Now Lets Talk About Inconsistencies In The “Pro-Life Movement”

You will hear supposed “pro-life” people rail against the inhumanity of abortion, even when the physical health of the mother is in question.

The same people will steadfastly support capital punishment. They will denounce tax dollars for that better prenatal care that could really provide families with a choice that didn’t require ending the life of an innocent human. They will shun any mention of early childhood assistance for lower income people.

No one in the true pro life movement is so rigid as to completely oppose medical considerations for the physical health of the mother. People in the true pro life movement are solidly in support of more funding for all pregnancy centers that actually provide physical and emotional support to families.

There is a reason the government offers tax breaks to real estate investors and rental house owners. It’s because historically, the government has been an abject failure in the public housing sector. Private industry and organizations are always more efficient, more affordable, and more compassionate in any situation.

People in the true pro life movement oppose capital punishment. They also oppose blocking funds to organizations that work tirelessly to provide material and emotional support to the people who need it, simply because of a political agenda that seeks the utopia of big government control of all lives. Big government means big pay days to the politicians who push that agenda.

Different Rules For The Rule-Makers

Throughout history, lower income people always suffer when politicians profit from special interest machines. We need to pay attention to the actions, not so much the soundbites. I’m paraphrasing a little here, but there is a quote that teaches us that a country can best be judged by the way it treats the most vulnerable among it’s citizens.

We are not strengthening the family unit by stripping away parental rights. There are juvenile laws in place for a reason. The same must apply to any situations involving minor children.

State government officials bemoan the “brain-drain” of young people leaving the state. Yet the same people actively promote killing thousands of innocent humans every year. That is what they are paid to promote.

There is no “choice” in the pro-choice agenda when only one option is promoted. We aren’t truly pro-life if it doesn’t mean all life.

This is the way it is.

Ralph Willemin

Advisor to the Pewamo Protect Life Team

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