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From A 7th Grade Team Member

About a year ago I became part of the Pewamo Protect Life team, not knowing how it would change my life forever. A few months later my school took a field trip to Life International in Grand Rapids MI. After we took a quick tour of this former abortion facility, we walked down to the Fulton Street abortion clinic to pray for a change in heart in every worker and patient who has ever and will ever walk through the door.

As I knelt in prayer I heard God saying to me, "Protect and save my children!" I knew right there and then that becoming a part of this amazing team was God’s will for my life. I can’t imagine what I would do without God in my life. If it wasn’t for Him I would not be writing this testimony and speaking out against the people who support the murdering of the next generation.

Ronald Reagan once said, "I have noticed that everyone who is for abortion has been born.” This work may be scary but the reward of changing someone’s heart is even greater. So, I will not stop fighting in this battle until every human being has been saved from death by abortion.

Erin Smith

Member of the Pewamo Protect Life Team

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