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Another Word For Failure

Another Word For Failure. Maybe Not What You Expect?

“Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve.” Napoleon Hill

What is another word for failure? There could be several answers to that question. Defeat. Misstep. Washout. Collapse. Breakdown. Implosion.

All pretty harsh words that evoke even harsher mental pictures. If we associate failure with any of those words, our subconscious is already creating physical changes in our bodies. Fear, tension, a knot in our stomach.

Is there any wonder a fear of failure causes us to be very cautious, to even avoid taking risks? But what if we take a closer look? What if another word for failure was success? Would that change your mindset?

Another Word For Failure

Let's try this from another angle. Let's take a word that is considered to be an antonym and instead make it a synonym. Or at least a necessary step in the journey. Success is really an end result of failure. If the cause is just, if the goal is worthwhile, if the planning is solid, and the will is strong, success will be found.

But in nearly every important goal or effort, there will be failure. It is part of the process. Part of that solid planning is recognizing this rule of leadership. There will be failure on the way to success.

And therein lies the challenge. Is the goal really worth the work? Is the belief in the value of the end result really important enough to fight through the failures, learn from them and move on to finish the plan?

Failure Is The Best Teacher Of Success

Really? Failure is the best teacher? Another word for failure is success? We need to embrace this reality if we are going to succeed. It is a lesson not often taught because most of the time we are taught these things by managers who lack courage and never take risks themselves. They seek to control, but never strive for what is possible. They choose what is easier, even if it bogs down the entire team effort.

In the pro-life world we see this every day. We see position holders give lip service to the support of life at all levels, but never get into the actual work. They don't get their hands too dirty. And if part of their community starts to have success, they get scared and scale it back. It could be fear of failure. Or it could be apathy and indifference.

The True Opposite Of Failure

Another word for failure is not a negative word. If you want to recognize that fact, recognize this first. Examples of the opposite of failure are apathy, fear, indifference, and just not knowing yet. Which is why we are posting this page.

Now you know. John Maxwell, who I consider one of the best instructors of leadership and the best person at teaching the difference between leaders and managers says this, "To achieve any worthy goal, you must take risks,”

For many, myself included, that biggest risk was taking an honest look at who I was associating with and whether they were going where I wanted to go. That doesn't mean disavowing friendship or never hanging around with them. But it did mean not getting bogged down with them if they were stuck in a mindset of apathy or mediocrity.

Realize this. You can do great things. You can make a difference. It will be hard. You will fail. But remember. Another word for failure is success. Maybe not right away. Maybe after the bruises of failure wear off and the hurt isn't as much.

But it will happen. Failure is part of success.

Ralph Willemin

Advisor to the Pewamo Protect Life Team

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