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The Path Of Least Resistance

Updated: May 24

(Editor's note about the author: T.O. Illustratio is a free-lance writer and observer of the interaction of personalities in everyday life. The author seeks to inspire readers to look within themselves to see how much good they can do in this world when a definitive purpose in life is clear.)

The curves and myriad course changes of a meandering river are often used metaphorically to describe seeking the path of least resistance. The substance of this logic is that directions change as any type of impediment or obstacle is presented.

This author always seeks to give equal time to every argument so notice is hereby given that there are some very detailed, overly analytical mathematicians who will dispute the aforementioned validity of water always changing course when facing a barrier. They cite deep, very dry higher math equations.

But as an observer of the human spirit, this writer will accept the premise of the metaphor and apply it to that human spirit. Specifically today, we’ll look at the trend that suggests a sense of acceptance of a loss of any discernible moral compass or at least a numbness of the ramifications of these changing directions of thought and thereby actions. Or inaction. A decision to do nothing is in itself, a course of action.

“The Weatherman” And Others Like Them

Our national history includes a well-documented rise in particular movements that when we are young and idealistic, but also perhaps not fully informed, lures us into participation in those dubious causes.

As a child of the turbulent 60’s and transformative 70’s, I witnessed the growth of “groups” with manifestos proclaiming objectives such as blowing up government buildings. Most of these misguided cults were the brainchildren of college professors in tenured positions with too much spare time. They could influence young students, away from home for the first time to join the movements and even do the dirty work.

As these students got older and were exposed to more of life’s truths, many regretted and hoped to wipe away any participation on their part.

To be forthright and balanced, there were also many in the same age and experience segment who chose a harder path. They sought truth and in seeing injustice, real injustice, worked in professional manners to bring about change.

Today this humble observer of human behavior is distressed by an ever-growing sense of course change caused by blockades to truth. And because acting on truth requires working through resistance, many are just dropping away from the challenge, numb to the reality of what is happening around them.

The same tactics that worked so well in the past, still work now. Spreading confusion and outright lies to students away from home for the first time is fertile ground in pushing through self-serving agendas.

Today I see a numbness to the growing disregard for human life. This eugenics mentality of university elites and elected officials making distinctions between lives that are worthy or expendable is in actual and metaphorical terms, a death spiral.

“The path of least resistance leads to crooked rivers and crooked men.” Henry David Thoreau

In his book, “The Screwtape Letters” C.S. Lewis writes, “It is funny how mortals always picture us as putting things into their minds: in reality our best work is done by keeping things out.” Lewis penned this volume almost 100 years ago. He wrote about a devil in training attempting to steal a human soul through deceit and temptation. The lessons are still relevant.

Those same students who are easy marks for elitists spreading false information and withholding actual facts can do some simple research to uncover the truth. They can look into the history of eugenics in their nation. When they read the famous names who supported this same policy that Hitler copied, they will gain or regain the resolve to no longer change course when it is easier to do so.

When I write “they” or “them” I am of course offering the same opportunity to everyone reading this page. Read the truth about people like Margaret Sanger. For years, Planned Parenthood held her up as the person who inspired the model of their current high profit business. When more became known about Margaret Sanger’s view of the equality of humans, the Planned Parenthood machine removed her name from any reference to them.

The reality is that this modern Planned Parenthood that thrives on repeat business is far from the vision of Margaret Sanger. In fact, she viewed anyone foolish enough to put themselves into a position of an unplanned pregnancy should not have the option for a second abortion. She favored a more final resolution to the problem of undesirable or feeble-minded people reproducing offspring. Read about forced sterilization in this nation that espouses that all are created equal.

The Novocaine Effect

Have we become so numb to the rampant ending of the lives of humans determined to be not worthy of life or a drain on society, that we have abandoned the will to speak up?

Unborn children are humans. What else can they be? They can’t become a tree or a squirrel. They were conceived by two humans. They are human.

Stuffing poor, elderly, sick people into warehouse facilities, many with dubious care or concern for the patients is a stain on our national fabric.

A sitting governor pontificating on laws that require young people to be at least 18 years old to marry, and then pushing hard in the other direction to strip away every parental right regarding life-altering decisions of their minor children in decisions like abortion is deceitful. “It is funny how mortals always picture us as putting things into their minds: in reality our best work is done by keeping things out.” C. S. Lewis

It is a false statement that people in the “pro-life” movement hate women. I’ve observed hundreds of these organizations that work tirelessly to support the entire family.

The rivers changed directions as they sought the path of least resistance. But we are talking about human lives. When we easily discount any human life as not valuable to the world, another river trait emerges.

Just as a river might change course, it can also create a powerful, unrelenting force that can wash away a city and anything in the path of that force. So to can an unrestricted movement to resolve inconvenience or costs by killing an unworthy human. A trend develops that weakens any value of human life if it opposes our personal goals.

Learn the truth. In every successful abortion, a human dies. Being numb to this truth or failing to learn the truth doesn’t diminish that fact.

Ignorance might be bliss, but it’s also dangerous to vulnerable humans.

Written by T.O. Illustratio

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