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"This Has Been An Amazing Week"

This has been an amazing week!

On Wednesday:

A woman who has come to this country from Africa seemed very troubled as she got out of her vehicle. Soon it was obvious that every one of the phrases listed above describe her situation. She was willing to tell her story before going into the clinic. She cried almost the entire time. She went into the clinic but came out within an hour. She was willing to reconsider. We have contacted several places in the city that are willing to help, but she is so afraid. By God's grace we can meet some of her needs, but deep in her heart she has to say 'yes' to this baby no matter what. Such a journey for her!

We also noticed that a car entering the clinic parking lot had a Wisconsin license plate. They entered the clinic, stayed for a while, but then came out and explained that they did not have the abortion and that they would be driving home to Wisconsin. We may never know what God used to change their mind, but we were thrilled to see the result!

On Thursday:

Praise God, another woman was willing to leave the clinic yesterday. After talking to the sidewalk counselors, she actually decided to not even go into the building! Once again, every one of the phrases above describe her situation as well. Please pray that she reaches out to us and that we will have the wisdom and resources to help her.

On Friday:

And then today, yet again, a woman changed her mind and chose life! Thank You Lord!

I don't think in decades of ministry, any of us have seen a week quite like this.

In closing, it will come as no surprise that Satan can't stand it when God's people are in a position to show God's precious love and deep compassion to the hurting souls in this world.

Mary Verwys

Garden of Hope Ministry

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