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Because Of The Generous People

Because of the tremendous generosity of people in this area, we were able to deliver a full truck load of much-needed items to PSIC last week. This is part of our ongoing "Walking With Families In Need" program started by our student-led Pewamo Protect Life Team last fall.

​Because of the collective belief in this young team among those same generous people in this area, the program has exploded in growth. So much so that we already had a big load of donations for our May focus, which was PSIC in Ionia MI, that were able to go right away.

​Because of the vision of those same generous people in this area who saw the work being done and recognized it is this work that is important, the program has continued to advance. That vision allowed them to see the results. And to get on board to help.

​Because of all of this, our team is able to help individuals in need right away. When the people at HELP Pregnancy reached out to us for assistance with a family in immediate need, we were able to help. When another family in this area needed help right away, we were able to move right away. Right now. When they needed it.

​We didn't have to see if someone else would do it because it might be hard. We didn't have to hope to tag along with another effort from another town.

​In June our focus will be on Degage' Ministries. For myself, having been in the pro life movement for a long time, these efforts are defining moments. They are so because they show by actions what the true pro-life movement is all about.

​It isn't about copy and paste reading from a podium with no intent to ever attempt any of the flowery words in the recited text. It isn't glossy pictures in monthly periodicals.

​The true pro life movement is about find the need and fill it. Degage' Ministries is on the front lines every day. Right there where the need is present. We have 7th graders who have been in their parking lot, right in the middle of it, delivering things that are needed right now.

​Part of finding the need and filling it is about providing answers to hard questions. To do that we need to not be afraid of those hard questions. Fear of answering tough questions is what holds back too many position holders. Smart, young people can see through a smokescreen. They can tell if someone doesn't know the answer or is afraid to walk the talk.

​Because of the generous people in this area, people who need help are getting it right away. And some hardened hearts and partially closed minds are softening and opening. This is happening because a group of junior high through college age students are out there doing the work.

​They are doing the right thing because it is the right thing. Because of the generous people in this area, who are essential parts of our team, the light of Christ is showing through to help people who need help right now.

​Thanks to all those generous people in this area.

​Ralph Willemin

Advisor to the Pewamo Protect Life Team

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