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Are There Two Pro Life Movements?

This is a really tough question. It's tough because of the answer. "Are there two pro life movements?" What makes it hard to answer is the harsh reality that, yes, there are two pro life movements. And they don't work in synch toward a worthy goal.

When Mother Teresa built her organization of servants to the poor, she had various levels of involvement. The most recognized was that group who went out to where the poor were located, who ran toward the problem when others ran away from the work.

It wasn't easy work and there would be no worldly material benefits for them, but they did it because Jesus gave them the acts of mercy to guide them. People were dying. Daily!

Mother Teresa had other groups in support of this in-the-trenches team. Some people weren't physically or emotionally up to the hands on work. But they were still committed to that work.

So they took on the task of providing material support to Mother Teresa's army of servants to people in need. Another group focused on prayer. They devoted daily time to asking God to pour His grace on to the people working to defend all life.

The true pro life movement models Mother Teresa's organization. We have dedicated people out there over and over, running toward the problem while others run away. We also have people who work to support us with material supplies to aid our work. And we have people who devote daily time to asking God to pour His grace on our work.

But unfortunately there is another side to the pro life movement. You'll hear things from them that sound right. These sound bites and articles in colorful magazines imply a commitment to the true pro life movement.

But when we look closely we something different. We see roadblocks placed in front of the efforts to do this important work. It isn't always intentional. Usually this second group is paralyzed by fear and pulled into the comfort of "positions" which changes focus to spending more effort on protecting those positions than in going all in to defend life.

Many times this all comes from the fear of answering the hard questions found in this section. Questions like ......

-"What about in the case of rape?"

- "What about 'My body-my choice?"

And if we go all in with the true pro life movement, we will face these questions. It takes commitment, courage, and compassion to be all in. The work is hard.

But here's the thing and there is no getting around it. We all need to look inside ourselves to find the truth. The true pro life movement means being all in to the best of our ability. There are levels you can work that fit your skill set.

But just saying the words while blocking the work of those running toward the problem, hindering the effort to put action behind the 7 corporal acts of mercy, is hurting the true pro life movement.

So yes, there are two. But one is all in and the other is not only fooling themselves, but also helping to defeat the work.

People are dying. Daily!

Ralph Willemin

Advisor to the Pewamao Protect Life Team

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